Кредитный скоринг заявок физических лиц, построенный на истории банка и данных кредитного регистра.

Описание продукта

Collection (System for debt recovery)


  • Reduced costs for automation and standardization of processes of debt collection
  • Multichannel (integration with all possible communication channels)
  • Deep integration with Discount Bank systems
  • Flexible customer segmentation by types of debt
  • A form of reporting mechanisms for analyzing the efficiency of recovery processes


  • Maintain customer registry and contracts
  • Integration with banking systems to import customer information, contracts (agreement parameters, the remnants movement between accounts, customer payments) and guarantors
  • Formation of user workplaces, depending on the bank's business processes 
  • Logging work with the customer, keeping the work history with the customer
  • Preparation of reports on the work of the sections and to analyze the effectiveness of the use of cooperation mechanisms or certain patterns
  • Supervising the loan agreements throughout the whole period of the debt
  • Different mechanisms of interaction (local and mobile, sms, mail, e-mail)
  • Forming interaction with external systems for troubled debt restructuring
  • Organizing the report data export
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